Product designer based in Paris.


I’m a french designer/product maker born and raised in the suburbs of Paris. I first started designing websites (mainly for Counter-Strike and Harry Potter… Teenage years are so difficult) as a past-time in 1999.
In 2008, I graduated with a BA in Visual Communication while working at a web agency. After obtaining a Certificate in Graphic & Motion Design from Gobelins School in 2009, I joined Dailymotion as a web designer. Being a real pain in the ass with most of the product team there (love you guys!), I got promoted to a product designer role.
In September 2015 — after five years in design lead positions — I joined TM, a design studio to help startups build their products. In July 2017, I embarked on a new adventure with Product Hunt x AngelList. 

10 years of experience

2017 - Present

Product Hunt x AngelList — Product Designer

2007 - Present

Freelance Designer 

TM — Senior Product Designer

Prestashop — Lead Product Designer

Mention — Lead Product Designer

Deezer — Lead Product Designer

Dailymotion — Product Designer

Dealcom  — Designer

Certificate in Graphic Design & Motion Design — Gobelins, Paris
BA in Visual Communication — Campus de la Fonderie de l'image, Paris



I am good at solving problems, designing clean interfaces and making users feel at home. My goal is to create lovable and usable products for people. I usually am an active participant in the product development process from brainstorming to after the launch. My work is multi-disciplinary. I create detailed wireframes, flows, mockups, icons and prototypes to share design ideas with product managers and engineers. Occasionally, I do illustrations and visual identities. My experience with design lead positions and remote-work taught me self-motivation, discipline and how to communicate effectively with my collaborators. 

When I'm not working for others, I like to learn new skills with side projects. Most of the time, I partner with one or more people to work on a new idea. Working on side-projects is the best way to learn skills that you'd normally not be using for time-critical projects.

I work with Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, Invision, Principle and Zeplin.
I also like wasting hours fighting with CSS on rainy Sundays. 

Press & Recognitions

My work has been covered by Techcrunch, TheNextWeb, The Guardian, DesignTaxi, Gizmodo, MetroNews, Etapes and even Glamour Magazine . It was also presented at events such as Lion Cannes Festival, WebSummit and SXSW, among others.